Booking Carnival


When booking Carnival you’ll need to know if your client has sailed Carnival before and if he/she has, you’ll need his/her legal name and birthdate so you can look up his/her VIFP (Very Important Fun Person) number and check for any specials that are available for him/her. You’ll also need his/her state of residency and to know if he/she is military or age 55+ because discounts are sometimes given.

Carnival has vast array of training opportunities under Training and Events. 

Carnival ships and cruises vary greatly. Carnivals’ website has a great page that allows you to easily compare their ships. There is a page in our google docs that has all the ships listed with links to individual ships and videos available on Carnival Youtube page. Visit this page to see all the ports that Carnival sails to. I’m adding notes and pictures on our google drive for each port. Many are already there. 

This page allows you to explore destinations, onboard activities, dining, excursions and more. 


When booking multiple cabins, especially if they are multiple types or numbers of people it may be easier to call in.

Carnival Support: